PERG Sustainable Futures Draft Papers

The draft papers for the workshop are now online.  This is a 3mb download and may be relatively slow depending on your connection speed.  Please note that these are *draft* papers and should not be cited without permission of the author.

Download the draft papers

PERG Workshop 6-7 May 2010

The Planning and Environment Research Group (PERG) of the Royal Geographical Society is holding its 2010 meeting at the University of Birmingham, 6-7 May.  A new researchers forum will be followed by the main workshop, ‘Sustainable Futures: climate change and the geography of transition’.

The collision of environmental and economic crises has generated unprecedented interest in transitions to more sustainable modes of existence.  A plethora of exciting responses are emerging in response to climate change, all of which are closely related to PERG’s core interests. From Transition Towns and climate change communities to the Green New Deal and adaptive planning, it is clear that planning and the environment have a central role to play in addressing the signature issue of our time.  Similarly, though, it is clear that this plurality of transitions has a distinctive geography that will, by necessity, be uneven and situated in specific times and places. This workshop brings those with research interests in the planning and environment field together to consider geographies of transition.

Rather than formal presentations, all papers for the workshop will be circulated in advance to form the basis of discussion sessions.  The workshop will conclude with a walking tour of Digbeth.  See the programme page for details.

PERG gratefully acknowledge the support of the Royal Geographical Society in funding this event.  Travel bursaries are available for postgraduate students.  Please contact the organisers for further details (James Evans, and Phil Jones,